H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T


Autumn's pure sky
old trees grove
and this hut!

Sweating, puffing
he comes up to here
the sardin seller

The boat with a load of rice
going straight to
the crescent of the moon

Right here
at the foot of this cherry tree in bloom
sleeping all night

On the branch
still today - but gone tomorrow
the plum tree blossoms

My last coins
for a stick now ~
Mount Samizu

Kids, chatting too much
to catch it ~
first firefly!

Suma temple
to know its story:
wild cherry trees

Summer wind
brings into my soup
white peonies

You're from Someiro
tell me all you know
evening goose

Early morning
sitting in front of the offerings table
in the cold

For my fire
the wind blows in
autumn leaves

Tomorrow's rice
in the bowl ~
evening coolness!

My tired hand
looking for a place
for my fan

Pots washing ~
I make sounds that mingle
with frogs caw

The thief left
only one thing behind:
the moon by the window

Shamrock and grass ~
I feel like watching them
until dew-time

First mist ~
a mountain with no name
how pleasing!

Spring rain ~
visiting a friend
comes to my mind today

Someone's come
once again I had
to take off my hat

Ha! If I could feel
all day as good as
when I get out of the bath!

Midday ~
showing up from all over

Perfect calm ~
on my grass pillow
far from my hut

Melting, the snow
shows an old field
where horsetails grow

All around us
the world is just
cherry blossoms

Sad and lonely
before a closed door ~
pine needles

Up to my hut
I'd love to bring him
the lotus bird

I hear their cries
the sign of departure
evening geese

Young pond
a frog jumps in ~
not one sound!


Full moon
I measure myself against
my garden's banana tree


(*)   Reference to Matsuo Basho's famous haiku
(**) Reference to Matsuo Basho whose chose his pen name (Basho means Banana Tree) after a banana tree that was given by a friend/disciple and planted by his hut.

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