H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
Matsuo Basho


old pond's silence ~
a frog jumps

morning's snow ~
alone, chewing
dried salmon


on a bare branch
a crow has settled ~
autumn dusk



once in a while clouds
give a break
to moon-watchers



the harvest moon ~
I walk around the pond
until daybreak



this first snow ~
just enough to weigh
this daffodil's leaves down


they bring so many things
to my mind
these cherry blossoms!



green ~
it should have stayed green,
this pepper!


I am excited
and then sad ~
cormorant fishing



from now on
call me "traveller" ~
this winter's first shower



stone-cutter's plot ~
flowering among the stones,


on this road:
no other traveller ~
autumn nightfall



autumn evening ~
my neighbour, how does he earn
his living?



sick on a trip ~
my dreams wandering
on withered moor


Translation : Gilles Fabre

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