H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
George Swede

George Swede read the following haiku
during a Summer Evening in Dublin, Ireland




windowless office
a fly buzzes against
my glasses



(Iron, 1995)





what ebb tide left
in this tiny shell
still holds the sky



(2nd Prize, Mainichi Newspaper's
125th Anniversary Contest, 1997)





at both ends



(Modern Haiku, 1993)





where the path stops
my shadow doing something
in the bushes



(Blithe Spirit, 1996)





almost unseen
among the tangled driftwood
naked lovers





waving goodbye
to the father a clothesline
of children's shirts





on the face
that last night called me names
morning sunbeam





alone at last
I wonder where
everyone is





children's day at the zoo
I find myself watching
the children





passport check
my shadow waits
across the border





at the height
of the argument the old couple
pour each other tea





each haiku
another piece in
an endless jigsaw

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