H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
Richard Stevenson

wedding by the lake --
two synchronized kites
swoop in unison


(for Mark & Jody Randall, Nelson, BC)








two feet maybe,
but, oh, how the fledgling sings
to have made the hop








deep dusk --
midle-aged man
and his trusty pad








a febrile web --
my wife's angry talk
with my daughter








cold coffee dregs --
a single gull circles
a blustery sky








little wind turbine --
I remember the turbanned elf
on the pudding pack








Chicken picnic --
the robin gawks at me
from the fence







watering the lawn --
robin chortles away
from the lowest limb





two yellow leaves ...
or a McDonald's wrapper
in the cottonwood?





Canada Day --
more strokes and head pats
for the smiling dog





so windy I can't
sit here long enough to write
these three lines





even low
between two houses
I hold my hat





father and son
one fishing pole
one fish





still cool --
birds titter in top branches
of the cottonwoods





one black feather --
a tidings of magpies
bow heads and squawk

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