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an international journal to share the spirit of haiku


The objective of seashores is to share haiku from all over the world and explore how the way and the spirit of haiku, with its power to connect us to nature and our world can play a role in poetry and our lives in general.



seashores is looking to hold three to four online haiku events every year for the subscribers, contributors and the haiku community. These may be workshops, discussions on haiku or competitions and will be announced by email and via social media.




Date: Sunday 31 October 2021

Time: 1700-1830 (Dublin, Ireland, Time – GMT+1)


Nature, Poetry and Haiku,

a Round Table with Amanda Bell, David J Kelly, Jane Robinson and Mark Roper
(moderated by Gilles Fabre, with more guests to be announced later)

Nature has always been a poet’s privileged source of inspiration in many civilisations and cultures. From the classic Chinese poetry to Celtic oral verses, from the songs of the first nations in the Americas to the Shamanistic myths in Asia, the Romantics in Europe and then Robinson Jeffers, Wendell Berry, Mary Oliver and Gary Snyder, among others.

And let’s not forget haiku, that Japanese poetic form dealing with every natural and seasonal event, with such precision and fervour that it even produced a real encyclopaedia of season words relating to plants, flowers, trees, animals, rivers, sea, landscapes, winds, sky and clouds.

In this Round Table, organise to celebrate the publication of seashores issue 7, a group of poets will share their perspectives, discuss the reasons why Nature is their primary source of inspiration and also explore the relation between Nature and Poetry and between Poetry and Haiku. And obviously read some poems...

About the Guests

Amanda Bell is an assistant editor of The Haibun Journal. Her books include Undercurrents, a psychogeography of Irish rivers in haibun and haiku (Alba Publishing, 2016) which won a Kanterman Merit Book Award and was shortlisted for a Touchstone Distinguished Award. Her latest collection of poetry, haibun and haiku is Riptide (Doire Press, 2021), which draws its inspiration from the sea and her garden.

Born in the UK, David J Kelly has lived in Dublin, Ireland for over 20 years. A zoologist, based at Trinity College, he discovered Japanese short form poetry after moving to Dublin.. He has published two collections of haiku and related forms. His second collection, Small Hadron Divider, received an Honourable Mention in the Touchstone Distinguished Books Awards 2020. Twitter @motto_sakura

Jane Robinson is 2021 Writer-in-Residence for the Red Line Book Festival. Her first collection Journey to the Sleeping Whale received the 2019 Shine Strong Award; and a collaboration with composer Malachy Robinson gave rise to her poem cycle ‘For the Atoll’ concerned with coral atolls and the legacy of arms testing at Bikini Atoll. She writes outdoors as much as possible, with a focus on biodiversity and local ecosystems. http://janerobinson.ie/ Twitter @J_SleepingWhale

Mark Roper lives in Tobernabrone, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. His most recentcollectionBindweed (2017), was shortlisted for the Irish Times Poetry Now Award. A Gather of Shadow (2012) was also shortlisted for that award and won the Michael Hartnett Award in 2014. www.mark-roper.com

More information on the other guests to be posted at www.haikuspirit.org by mid-October.

To attend this event

Requirements: Internet connection, laptop or tablet/smartphone with sound/video functions.

Please send an email to haikuspirit@haikuspirit.org  and seashoreshaiku@gmail.com by 24 October 2021, advising your name and first name as well as your country of residence, and you will receive the link to attend the online event.





Date: Sunday 9 May 2021

Presentations by 4 of the 7 seashores contributors who had their collection selected by The Haiku Foundation for the Touchstone Award Short List (2020) and will have 'carte blanche' to share their insight and experience (haiku, publication...)

- Ashraf, Hifsa. Her Fading Henna Tattoo (Wilmington DE: Human/Kind Press, 2020).

- Fabre, Gilles. Along the Way: A Search for the Spirit of the World (Uxbridge UK: Alba Publishing, 2020).

- Kelly, David Small Hadron Divider (Winchester VA: Red Moon Press, 2020).

- Polette, Keith. pilgrimage (Winchester VA: Red Moon Press, 2020).


In the second part, Maeve O'Sullivan gave her feedback on a selection of haiku sent by contributors/participants.


Bio: Maeve O'Sullivan’s poetry and haikai have been widely published and anthologised. She is the author of four collections from Alba Publishing, with a fifth, Wasp on the Prayer Flag (haiku& senryu), forthcoming in June 2021. Maeve leads workshops in haiku & related forms, and reviews for Blithe Spirit & other journals.Twitter @writefromwithin


To conclude, for the third part, participants hadthe opportunity to ask questions to the presenters.



Date: Sunday 31 January

Special guests (see below) had ‘carte blanche’ to share their insight and experience in writing, editing or publishing haiku. A workshop followed during which the 25 haiku sent by seashores contributors were discussed. Then, a vote determined the favourite haiku. Haiku were received from Ireland, UK, France, Belgium, Caribbean’s, Croatia, Portugal, Canada, USA and India…


Special Guests

Amanda Bell (Ireland), Co-editor of The Haibun Journal

          website | twitter @gagebybell | instagram @amanda_bell_books

Jay Friedenberg (USA), President, Haiku Society of America

Caroline Skanne (UK), Editor, Blithe Spirit (the journal of the British Haiku Society) & hedgerow

          twitter @CarolineSkanne | instagram @carolineskannehaikuetc

Alan Summers (UK), founding editor, The Blo͞o Outlier Journal and co-founder, Call of the Page


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