H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T

A Hidden Pond-Anthology of Modern Haiku,
Kadokawa Shoten 1997

Translated by T Koko Kato and David Burleigh




A transparent fish
is flying in the dark sky -
autumn at night


Fukuhara Juo (1903~1992)





Months and days ahead
strectch beyond the deep and blue
of morning glories


Ishida Hakyo (1913~1968)





The first autumn cool -
on the edge of a sickle
a blade of grass


Ikeda Shusui (1933~)





Only a white peach
held here in my hand, and yet
something fills my heart


Matsumoto Asahi (1918~)





All the birds scatter
and vanish leaving the tree
alone like the dew


Toyonaga Shuko (1927~)





Wind over the island
blowing at the height of
the wild geese in flight


Shindo Hikko (1929~)





A sprinkle of lights
across the dark mountainside -
the goose-bearing wind


Suzuki Setsuko (1932~)





A white ship moves
to the heart of a lake -
an autumn breeze


Sawaki Kinichi (1919~)





The autumn wind -
letters emerging one by one
on the wet grave stone


Yamazaki Hisao (1927~)





The autumn wind -
only for fun do I buy
the mask of a devil


Kagiwada Yuko (1932~)





Meeting together,
the water of mountain streams
congruent and clear


Ueda Gosengoku (1933~)





White chrysanthemum
straining all of itself
against the nightfall


Otake Seiji (1937~)





A small autumn cloud
making its way towards
the mountain of the god


Fujinami Kodo (1932~)





Let not the knife
plunge deeply through this
crimson apple


Nozawa Setsuko (1920~1995)





Over the wide mouth
of a vase slowly moves
an autumn shadow


Katsura Nobuko (1914~)





Just at the moment
of cutting down, a bell rings
inside the bamboo


Hoshino Shaichi (1921~)





The Milky Way
drawing down the light from
the World Beyond


Ishihara Yatsuka (1919~)





Within the temple
the thickest columns hidden
from the autumn lights


Ueno Akiko (1918~)





My wife at my side
speaks of the lenghtening night
and I know it too


Mori Sumio (1919~)

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