H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
J D Heskin

visiting father
at the nursing home--
I pretend he knows





tip toeing around
the snow drifts






the beauties God planted






only the cat can hear--






life and asparagus:
the sweetest part comes up first





my shadow toasting
me back






revealing nests
of an earlier season--






my armchair--
a good old place to recall
good old times






at the bus stop,
people gather and talk
on cell phones






the weather forecast:
heavy rain followed by






the winning haiku:
written on a summer day
about a snowstorm





my poplar planted,
I walk away wondering
who will die first





first loves:
the husbands and wives
of husbands and wives





after breaking
his vow of silence, the monk
nurses his sore toe





birds of all kinds
perched on the scarecrow
known as St.Francis





don't know why
but bamboo is on my mind...
wind sounds





not so long ago
we washed them in a river--
at the Laundromat





the eagle and hawk
fly diverse paths in a sky
big enough for both





old friend moon--
I will miss you up ahead
when the path turns





more interesting
than what we came to see--
the faces watching

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