H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
Helen  Buckingham

breakfast shift
...sharing the last
of the stars
[Acorn # 12, Spring 2004]
[Runner-up, The Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Award 2004]   
lunch in the courtyard--
cherry blossom obscuring
the hands of the clock
[Runner-up, 57th Basho Festival Association Award 2003]
   passing fields
       of numbered lambs
[The Heron's Nest # 6.6, June 2004]
Ascension Day...
pastry crumbs
for the bird-table
[The Heron's Nest # 8.3, September 2006]
City dusk...
a single grey
[Roadrunner # 6.2, May 2006]
rounding the corner
on the scaffolding
[The Mainichi Daily News, March 2004]
by the radio...
another Hottest Day
[Modern Haiku # 35.3, Autumn 2004]
Indian summer
another half-cup
left in the flask
[Roadrunner # 6.4, November 2006]
[big sky: The Red Moon Anthology 2006]
hungover bath
that wasp
[Mayfly, July 2005]
summer's end:
returning home
to shadows
[The Heron's Nest # 6.11, December 2004]
still life:
the pear's
pitted skin
[Frogpond # 29.1, January 2006]
All Souls'
a wasp returns
to the lintel
[The Heron's Nest # 8.1, March 2006]
     two seagulls arc together
                wheel apart
[Runner-up, The BHS James Hackett Award 2005]
radio off...rain
[Birmingham Words # 1, May 2006]
after the storm:
an upturned bin
[Presence # 13, January 2001]
steam-filled market
 mistletoe tethered
    to a meat-hook
[Finalist, National League of American Pen Women (Palomar Branch) Int. Haiku Contest 2005]
[Runner-up, The Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Award 2005]
church cactus
its own advent
[Roadrunner # 7.1, February 2007]
Christmas lunch
--passing round
the festive chestnuts
[The Mainichi Daily News, December 2005]     
New Year's fireworks--
waking again
with the dog
[The Heron's Nest # 8.2, June 2006]               
moving day...
       in the snow             
[Acorn # 15, Autumn 2005]

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