H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
Barry George

Deer crossing--
two headlights come
out of the fog





Distant tail lights
in the dark





Autumn leaves scattering
a couple my parents' age
walking holding hands 





August shade--
a heron's wings
low on the water





seem to be rising--
after the storm





Island dusk--
in a field of glowing reeds
the white crane 





Yellow maples--
the river gleams with sunlight
shaped like a cross





high August--
in a grove of radiant leaves
two women talking





summer morning--
a hawk’s cry slips
in through the fan





the frozen river--
gulls huddle against
new snow





a dandelion field
beneath this moon





chalk drawings--
longer rays of autumn
cross the square





summer's end--
a hitchhiker stands beside
his tall thin shadow

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