H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T


holding a candle
the man walks round the garden
lamenting over spring

foggy moon ~
a frog disturbs
both water and sky

reaching the sky
the cheery blossoms' scent ~

spring drizzle
I can't write anything ~
how sad one becomes!

they fall in the water
and disappear, the petals
of the riverbank's plum trees

swallowing clouds
then spitting petals ~
Mount Yoshino

the boatman's straw coat
under the storm:
a flowered robe

summer showers
a river with no name
has become fearful

amid lightning
the sound of dew dripping
down bamboos

next to a pear tree
I've come alone
to watch the moon

than last year ~
end of an autumn day

winter moon
I come across a monk
in the middle of a bridge

ha! winter moon
since this temple has no door
the sky's been so high

winter river ~
flowers for Buddha
swept along by the waters

winter retreat ~
but my heart's still warm
with Mount Yoshino

Translation : Gilles Fabre

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