H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
Jerry Ball

spring afternoon
the old couple in the pub
recall their wedding



summer evening
the girl who forgot my name
is laughing again



a dog begins barking
I approach the top
of a wooded hill



the tennis game
he asks his opponent
to tell him the score



the language of leaves
at that moment when they fall
and words seem to fail



under a hazy sky
my neighbor tries to tell me
of a restless night



the way home from work
my neighbor's geranium
in freshly dug earth



wilted roses
drops of blood on the fingers
that hold the clippers



end of a long day
I invite the universe
into my office



morning chill
the shape of an old man's breath
up a long staitway






spring theater
backstage the actors
competing for laughs



the tip of the branch
a hummingbird's world
in a grass thimble



spring rain
the office manager
fumbles for his keys



the first plum blossoms
she calls me by the name
that she thinks is mine



a day of rain
the plum blossoms
drawn into themselves



first day of spring
the algebra problem
gets the attention



spring moon
deliberately I try
to prolong the moment



April sixteenth
the tax accountant wants
someone to talk to

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