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an international journal to share the spirit of haiku


The objective of seashores is to share haiku from all over the world and explore how the way and the spirit of haiku, with its power to connect us to nature and our world can play a role in poetry and our lives in general.


April 2022


Contents of Volume 8 (April 2022)




Selected haiku and senryu

A bit of food for thought

Meet… Caroline Skanne

Essays and Articles

   Fernando Pessoa and the way of haiku Zlatka Timenova-Valtcheva

   Season-words and Global Warming     Alain Kervern

The Kodansha Saijiki: Spring: Major Themes and A Few Season-Words




At least one haiku from the contributors in the list below will be published in Issue 6:


Adjei Agyei-Baah

harmattan fields...


 Ramesh Anand

summer twilight


 Cynthia Anderson

morning juniper


Marilyn Ashbaugh

spring rain

mist on the lake


Hifsa Ashraf

barn wind...


Joanna Ashwell



Gavin Austin

jacaranda rain

Michael Baeyens

midwinter shadows

a truth


 Roberta Beary

middle age love

summer haze



Mona Bedi

after all our


Amanda Bell

lost in the long grass

restrictions tighten –


Brad Bennett

an osprey nest


Daniel Birnbaum

in the middle of the river

winter morning


Adrian Bouter

the appetite


Justin Brown

after the funeral


David Burleigh

The screeching bulbuls

On a quiet bridge


Paul Callus

hesitation -


Christopher Calvin

first summer


Pris Campbell

other days


 Mariangela Canzi

le cerisier en fleur/cherry in blossom


Liam Carson

a murmuration of snow

so pink...


Aaliyah Cassim

horizon at sunrise


Christina Chin

marsh wrens


Jackie Chou

first time giving birth


Glenda Cimino

hanging by a thread


Marion Clarke



Vera Constantineau



Ronald K. Craig

browsing a library


Maya Daneva

roses petals


Gurpreet Dutt

harvesting day...


David Eyre


a sea-worn bone


Gilles Fabre

searching deep

vers la nouvelle lune/under the new moon


Bruce H. Feingold




P. H. Fischer

coldest night


Michael Flanagan

one lonely cricket


Jim Force

day's end

winter moon


Lorin Ford

pink magnolias . . .



Jenny Fraser

the welling


Jay Friedenberg

stained glass

hunter's moon


Ben Gaa

calving glacier

adrift in your sea


William Scott Galasso

December morning


Michael J. Galko

alpine forest-


Mike Gallagher

orange flame


Mark Gilfillan

arms outstretched


John Gonzalez

empty nest

swans arriving ....


Orla Grant-Donoghue

empty apple trees


Eufemia Griffo

hospice garden

icy moon


Elisabeth Guichard

Spring settled


Nicky Gutierrez

firefly garden


Cain Gwynne



Carole Harrison

eucalypt sunrise


John Hawkhead

funeral mass


Mariel Herbert

dense fog


Florence Heyhoe

the sun always


Jeff Hoagland



Louise Hopewell




Gary Hotham

while in bed

we move


Marilyn Humbert

first light


Angiola Inglese

calzini piegati/folded socks


Mona Iordan

so frail


Anne-Marie Joubert-Gaillard

ventre rebondi/big round belly


Jim Kacian

mountain hike

first autumn chill—

silvery night


Uchimura Kaho

black swallowtail


Kazumi Karaki

yakusoku/our promise

kemonomichi/following the animal trail


 Arvinder Kaur

return trip


William Keckler

bread factory


Noel King

farmer ‘howing’ cows


John Kinory

fog enveloping


Deborah P Kolodji

birthday cake


Yvette Kolodji

my car follows


Nina Kovačić

smiraj u bari/pond serenity  


Hervé Legall

aube claire/clear daybreak



Kristen Lindquist

dark below

the river


Earl Livings

between words



Chen-ou Liu

the dewdrops


Eric A. Lohman

rainy street —

back & forth


Anthony Lusardi

green caterpillar


 Ursula Maierl

brown winter garden  -

lopped branches


Richard L. Matta

two more petals


Kawaharada Mayumi

May mountain-


Rob McKinnon

briar refuge…


Jim Meredith

threat of rain

after her letter


Mark Miller

autumn sunlight


Mike Montreuil

Father’s Day


Pamela Muller

grey treetop islands


Leanne Mumford

after days

earthquake news


 Veronika Zora Novak

thick ocean fog . . .


Maeve O'Sullivan

glitter spillage

barren landscape


Dejan Pavlinović

korak po korak/step by step


Alan Peat

brief summer love

fruits d’aubaine/windfall fruit…


Matthew Perry

in the treehouse


Pippa Phillips




Keith Polette

rosary hands—


Audrey Quinn

November morning


Meera Rehm

frost leaves. . .


Sébastien Revon

plus de fils ni de mari/husband and son gone


Bryan Rickert

winter fog


Chad Lee Robinson

lingering cold


Jane Robinson

bees buzz around


Srinivas S

dense fog


Barbara Sabol

morning light


Marianne Sahlin

creek willow


Agnes Eva Savich



Albert Schlaht

icy river


Dan Schwerin

such cold news

they never speak


Joe Sebastian

turning on the lamp


Manoj Sharma

the long journey


Tomislav Sjekloća



Nadejda Stoilova

just two of us


Debbie Strange

community pasture



Elisa Theriana

cherry blossom



Nathanael Tico

after high winds


Zlatka Timenova-Valtcheva

Devant l’océan/In front of the ocean

Lune de neige/Snow moon



Hard to tell

The love of people:


Rp Verlaine



Fionnuala Waldron

the bull locks eyes


Marilyn Ward 

nearly spring


Julie Warther

a field of pumpkins


David Watts

wind tree


Joseph P. Wechselberger

after her wake

family secrets …


Michael Dylan Welch

shelf lichen

holly berries


Daniel West

what would be a beach


Mary White

early sunset.. .


Elaine Wilburt

the Milky Way


Tony Williams

winter solstice…


Kath Abela Wilson

shutdown city

the point


Michael Winter

creamer cup flower


Robert Witmer

wolf wind

a grace note


Hassane Zemmouri

autumn morning-


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