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an international journal to share the spirit of haiku


The objective of seashores is to share haiku from all over the world and explore how the way and the spirit of haiku, with its power to connect us to nature and our world can play a role in poetry and our lives in general.


April 2024




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Essays and Articles

Two Afterthoughts by David Burleigh

Either-Or Haiku Editing: A Matching Contest Approach by Randy Brooks


The sources of haiku

Japanese haiku: the last 120 years (Chapter 2. 1940-1980)

The Kodansha Saijiki

     Summer: a few season words





Selected haiku and senryu by:


Shari Abramson

my mother is gone


Paul atten Ash

sea of dust—


Joanna Ashwell

boxed in


Gavin Austin  

her garden seat

a twitch


Ingrid Baluchi

chopping block


Julie Bates

evening meditation


Michael Baeyens

river bend

thunder moving in


Roberta Beary

star    gaz    ing

decades spin


Mona Bedi

baby's bedtime --


Amanda Bell

golden quinces

a pause between waves –


Deborah A. Bennett

a mist


Jerome Berglund

morning rain


Daniel Birnbaum

this morning


Brigid Birney

emerald moss


Paul Bregazzi

first frost of the year


Randy Brooks

songbirds on barbwire

digging up


James Burke

slicing an egg-shell


Robyn Cairns

opening up


Pris Campbell

daddy, see!


Mariangela Canzi

light drizzle


Liam Carson

November sunset

blackbird’s song


Christina Chin

waves of small bird

tying the lace curtains


Jackie Chou

writing haiku


Glenda Cimino

walking on cold ground

visitors coming


Ria Collins

crackling stove


Timothy Daly

aunt’s cremation


Maya Daneva

leaving the bakery


Diana Davison

at dusk


Marie Derley

au parc d’Ueno

vieil agenda


C. Jean Downer

fog on snow


Ana Drobot

I throw a pebble


Tim Dwyer

sprouting leaves—

dark before bird song…


Gilles Fabre

sandy graveyard


Bill Fay

after the storm


Bruce H. Feingold

thickening of my heart

geese subspecies


Michael Flanagan

they stare down


Anton Floyd

a moon ship


Małgorzata Formanowska

spring wind


Jay Friedenberg



Ben Gaa

evening walk

knowing how

how they cut


William Scott Galasso

in the shadow


David Gale

cross-over moon


Michael J. Galko



Mike Gallagher

old tapestries


Goran Gatalica

morning sun


Nicholas Gentile

landing on white ground


John Gonzalez

the river darkens -

hospice ward


Benedict Grant


hospice visit

night drawing in


Orla Grant-Donoghue

planting spring bulbs


Eufemia Griffo

low tide


Ian Gwin

fir branches whip


Austin Oting Har

Thanksgiving end


John Hawkhead

our initials carved


Jeremy Haworth

in the headlights

a cracked window


David He

Gran's birthday


Chad Henry

boarded-up windows


Florence Heyhoe

flooded field


Robert Hirschfield

bagging mangoes


Jeff Hoagland

blue moon


Gary Hotham



Marilyn Humbert

distant thunder


Mona Iordan

night fall


David Josephsohn

just-mown lawn


Jim Kacian

the last light


Kazumi Karaki

layer of time

the milky way


Emil Karla

an old letter—


Mayumi Kawaharada

Through a dewdrop

Cat and crow


Lori Kiefer

first dawn


Noel King

the click of the widower’s cane


John Knowles

the hands of a clock


Nadejda Kostadinova

evening on the sofa


Nina Kovačić

ECG flatline –


Ryland Shengzhi Li

taking the spider


Chen-ou Liu

no words left ...

seaside cafe ...


Earl Livings

old brickworks


Heather Lurie

stark orchid

a trail


paul m.

neither Catholic,

ruckus of birds


Malcolm MacClancy

after the storm –


Eadbhard McGowan

whisper of the night


Rob McKinnon

long night


Robert MacLean

three days of snow. . .


Ursula Maierl

strutting silently

thirsty - 

winter narcissus


JP Meredith

coming home


Mark Miller

thrift shop window

where the paddock


John Moran

the river at low tide;

outside a bookies


Leanne Mumford

azure sky

some anomalies


Melissa Leaf Nelson

ice on the road

at the coffee shop


Donncha Ó Conmhuí

trí ghais fhoighneacha,


Hugh O'Donnell 

spring morning-


Kiyoko Ogawa

a dead crow


Ben Oliver

another year older —


Teresa O'Neill

the old oak down


Maeve O'Sullivan

frost moon –

power cut

first dream of the year:

ninety miles of it


Christa Pandey

missing spring rain


Dejan Pavlinović

dead calm


petro c. k.



Thomas Powell

flooded meadow


D.A. Prince

homeward path


Audrey Quinn

a night sky

seagrass snagged


Sally Quon

winter seclusion-


Meera Rehm

all the way home



Peter Rees

a feather duster


Kim Richardson

hoeing the veg garden

window box flowers

how the sunshine


Bryan Rickert

making its way

cold rain


Nicholas H. Rossler

last train


Marianne Sahlin

early April

hot day

harvesting lettuce


Bona M. Santos

evening chill

frosty morning


Agnes Eva Savich

cold front


Bonnie J. Scherer

a drizzle of syrup


Albert Schlaht

left alone


Dan Schwerin

as if they don’t care


Ron Scully

waves snuggle in

after the storm


Paula Sears

spring rain


Richa Sharma

before me


Kelly Shaw

home from the journey,


Guy Stephenson

farmers’ thrift

long-tailed tits


Dylan Stover

knowing when


Debbie Strange

the shortest day

glaze event


Jennifer Sutherland

eiderdown clouds


Nathanael Tico

burrowing deeper



Heart of

Dark rock


Fionnuala Waldron

quarrelling magpies


David Watts

evening martini

snowcapped leaves


Joseph P. Wechselberger

frosty morning

sunset …


Kelley J. White

growing older


Tony Williams

mahonia scent…


Angela J Wilson

on the beach


Kathabela Wilson

inside the azalea

almost saying


Robert Witmer



Keiko Yurugi



Elena Zouain

chemin enneigé/snowy path -








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