H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
Sean MacMathuna

foggy morning-
maidenhair fern
dripping dew



thunder clap-
terns rising
or hail going backwards



sneachta gan choinne -
an seasoidh
na pocai  phuca



drip, drip
the prison roof-
eternity leaking



summer ends
silently the larches
face the dawn



thud thud the axe
blink blink
the owls



mad for colour
the river
rushes towards Red Canyon



Burren dawn-
maidenhair fern searching
the fog for sun



if empty space
could make a sound
'twould be the curlew call



wilds of Kerry -
creaking cabbage
dripping scarecrows



thunder clap
clouds and children
race for home



call of the curlew
icicles longer
life shorter



snowdrops here again
little oakwood
wake up



roaring water fall-
up river can’t hear
down river



in this forest
listening to
ten thousand years of rain



burning an old keel -
mackerel spawning
in the chimney



after the storm-
fog off the sea
curling into snail shells


[published Snapshots]



rural prison-
larksong drawing up faces
from the yard


[published Heron's Nest]



writing desk-
I watch a spoon
gather the dawn


[Heron's Nest]



Fall nuts brown the air
silent as the 'n'
in autumn





Dunes- going nowere
a camel and his shadow
paw the sand





deep in this lake
the memory
of ancient moons





evening on blue mountain-
orbiting sheep
compete with the stars



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