H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
Maeve O'Sullivan

Fitting me
better than I expected
-  my mother's swimsuit




Late night taxi rank
a row developing
-  I grip father’s arm




Pink bracelet
left behind –
the sparkle of her laughter




Drumming to a slip jig
the cigarette ash
moving closer to his lip




Perched on the block
of fiddler’s resin
-  a cherry tomato




Grapefruit moon rises
above airport building
- seat belts snapping shut




Close to tears
I go instead to swim
in the Mediterranean



On my return home
a sunflower -
just like the one in the Metro




At the salad bar
one man, one woman
apple on the side, untouched




Drying the champagne glasses
I smile again
at the good news




I start to cry
he reaches for the tissue box
- empty




Airport security
a woman frisks me
undoing your hug




After the misunderstanding
I find the two roses
in my weekend bag




A congregation
of lapsed Irish Catholics
singing for Jesus




Applause for the dead woman
from the altar to the church door




Neon fish swimming
as I cast my vote




Tap water falling
a sink full of ice
melting into itself




Late evening light
silhouette of a jogger
in the park, jogging




Whistling in the rain
the cyclist, too, is
whistling in the rain




Hare Krishna restaurant
I use the “Awareness Through Movement” leaflets
to steady the table




Rush hour traffic
a boy on the bus
reading “On The Road”









Noises of traffic flowing
west along the road
east on the river



Low tide
fishermen wading
sunset on the lines



Preening himself
on the full moon tide –
a mallard



Waning moon
reflected in the river -
such a cold night!



Floating past
one green leaf, one brown
twigs, spittle



Autumn leaves flying
golden in the light
alighting on the river



September night
I shake out the damp sheet
-       a lone swan drifting






Ducks, geese, swans on the river
inside, he watches
wildlife on TV



Winter fog
over the river
moving with it



Waxing moon
Ringed with fog
- too cold to stay outside



Full moon's reflection
dispersed in the flow
- stillness



Waning moon                                           
in the south-east sky                                
who moved you from the west?






Sunny spring morning
Perched on a river log -
two cormorants                



Wind blowing upstream
sharing good news
- high tide



Fish surfacing here and there                           
the ripples increase -                
it's starting to rain



Through the raindrops                                      
through the rainbow                                 
- the opposite bank                          



Rain on the river                                      
two pairs of passing geese                
- his voice 



Icy wind
geese moving quietly
- spring tide






A shoal of mullet
disperses, splashing
as I turn the deck light on



glancing the river's surface
- midsummer



The sun's eclipse
reflected, ripples
a lone duckling swims



Torrential downpour
startling me and the ducks
- a slow thunderclap



Rain easing into drizzle
two duck hens
move slowly by the island.



Summer hailstorm
on the window-ledge
an earwig escapes



Half-way up the stairs
the full moon, perfectly framed
in the square window.

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