H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T

A Hidden Pond-Anthology of Modern Haiku,
Kadokawa Shoten 1997

Translated by T Koko Kato and David Burleigh


A crane steps forward
into that brightness called
the start of winter


Kagiwada Yuko (1931~)





Winter setting in -
the sound of a writing brush
touching the paper


Kamikura Utsuwa (1927~)





With this master
I grow older all my life -
silverleaf in bloom


Kondo Ikko (1912~1996)





Tea bushes in bloom -
and the sky darkening
behind my shoulders


Kusama Tokihido (1920~)





One comes forth,
and then another comes -
the path through fallen leaves


Imai Tsurujo (1897~1993)





In flickering glimpses
through trees on the shoreline -
a calm winter sea


Sekimori Katsuo (1932~)





Hoot of an owl -
the rays of moonlight shimmer
on a hidden pond


Toyonaga Minoru (1931~)





When the wind ceases
the sky perfectly transparent -
winter ploughing


Kato Suiman (1930)





The fluffy lightness
of my woollen sweater I make
into a fortress


Shimizu Kinuko (1929~)





A mountain watchman
playing jazz inside his hut -
before the snowfall


Udo Toru (1920~)





On the dried-up bed
behind the wall of a dam
the old stream still flows


Murakami Toen (1914~)





Winter sunlight
casting the dyke's shadow
into the next paddy


Kurata Kobun (1940~)





Sitting by the fire -
another self is walking
into the north wind


Matsuzaki Tetsunosuke (1918~)





The sky deepening
beyond the branches of a tree -
utterly leafless


Kato Koko (1931~)





A winter wasp
with nowhere to die
goes stumbling on


Murakami Kijo (1865~1938)





Buying a magic lamp
with a winter fly
living inside it


Arima Akito (1930)





All the clarity
of a pine tree being felled
on afrozen mountain


Kodama Teruyo (1925~)





Inside my closed eyes
the white soul of each snowflake
just passes away


Akao Ei (1930~)





In this beautiful
thing called air, flake upon flake
the snow dances down


Hanatani Kazuko (1922~)





The coughing over
not a sound to disturb
the whole Zen temple


Satokawa Suisho (1927~)





A white swan
reflecting back the sunlight
with its whole body


Ohashi Atsuko (1924~)





Lonelier even
than a winter tree, a man
begins to walk


Nakamura Akiko (1927~)





The sound of a branch
broken from a winter tree
shows it living still


Kono Nankei (1913~1995)





New Year and Old Year
passing left and right around
the moon in heave


Izawa Masae (1921~)





Midwinter thunder
making the window pane tremble
in the deep of night


Kato Shuson (1905~1993)





Midwinter cold
spreading blue silk across
the morning sky


Arima Kazuko (1910~)





Midwinter fishing -
the waves glittering silver
round the anchored boats


Tsuji Michio (1935~)





Sitting down I take
the chair that is farthest from
blossoms of red plum


Shiina Fumiko (1908~)






A single acorn
on the winter desk of a boy
bound for priesthood


Nakayama Junko (1927~)





The plummeting sun
leaves the waves rippling after
and also the reeds


Saito Miki (1923~)





Migrating birds leave
shining ripples on a pond
deep in the mountains


Sekimori Katsuo (1932~)





Into direct sunlight
the vanguard of the ducks
begins to swim


Matsumoto Midori (1928~)






Stone quietly sits -
waiting for spring to come or
just bearing the cold


Nakajima Hideko (1936 ~)

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