H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T

A Hidden Pond-Anthology of Modern Haiku,
Kadokawa Shoten 1997

Translated by T Koko Kato and David Burleigh



The shape of an egg
on the morning table cloth -
the approach of spring


Kato Koko (1931 ~)





An insect living
in the stone animal's mouth -
time of melting snow


Kato Kenko (1920~)




How clear and sweet
the water of this mountain to
an evening pilgrim


Kamio Kumiko (1923~)





A chair for thinking
where the spring reaches
right up my knees


Nakamura Michiko (1917~)





Solitary spring -
throwing a javelin and then
walking up to it


Nomura Toshiro (1911~)





In spring sunlight
the rows of tea bushes
ripple like waves


Morita Toge (1924~)





Twisting round its mouth
into what looks like a yawn -
noontime butterfly


Kiyosaki Toshio (1922~)





Two enormous peaks
stand facing another -
butterflies at noon


Ota Aha (1921~)





An enormous moon
suddenly appeared in the midst
of budding trees


Ameyama Minoru (1926~)





Star above the peak -
a silk worm-breeding village
silently asleep


Mizuhara Shuoshi (1892~1981)





The mother crow
walks forward with her young
following behind


Naruse Otoshi (1926~)





The odour rising
from a kitchen cleaver spreads
through the haze of spring


Ando Tsuguo (1919~)





On the mountainside
the wind swirling like water
through the new green leaves


Kikuchi Tsuneko (1922~)





New elm leaves -
wind brushes a stone memorial
like a feather fan


Kurokawa Miki (1905~1994)





An old woman
in the green wheat beside a house
in the rising sun


Kaneko Minako (1925~)





Stitched with silver-white
the twilit mountain ridge
holds the last spring light


Kato Koko (1931~)

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