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About Haiku Spirit Site 


Haiku Spirit site is an international site - in English and French - to read and share the art of haiku in consideration of the Haiku Spirit guidelines and the Way of Haiku.


This site has been named Haiku Spirit in tribute to HAIKU SPIRIT which was the Irish Journal of Haiku and Related Forms created by Jim Norton.

Five years after its first issue, Haiku Spirit has published one last issue (#20). See Haiku Spirit Archives.


You may share your haiku, through your submissions for the Guests Page but also your favourite classic or modern haiku for the Japanese Haiku Page, the Books Page or the Anthologies Page.


Haiku Spirit is a space to share haiku in English and French. You may submit your own translations.


You may have your own book or collection or your favourite haiku books/collections or journals and may want to send them (email, photocopies, scans…) and let others enjoy them in the Books Page or the Anthologies Page. This also applies to drawings, calligraphy...



If you have an email address send your submissions/others to Contact below.

Gilles Fabre
Site Editor

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