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The Fishing Cat Press (Dublin, Ireland) is delighted to announce the publication of Kenneth White’s Eyes Wide Open on the haiku path, featuring eight of his essays on the way of haiku and a choice of his haiku, ranging over Europe, America and Asia, selected by the author.


Kenneth White, who has long enjoyed an extra-ordinary reputation as a highly influential author at the forefront of modern literature, has decided to gather together all his writings on haiku, a path he has long trodden and explored throughout his poetry, essays and ‘waybooks’. 


White drew attention to haiku as early as his first book and later acknowledged Matsuo Bashō as a ‘great companion’ and a contributing factor in the elaboration of the theory-practice he invented and named Geopoetics, more and more seen as of the highest relevance in the current world context.


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Price for Eyes Wide Open: €15 per copy (plus postage fee).


Orders should be sent by email to thefishingcatpress@gmail.com (and copy to haikuspirit@haikuspirit.org) specifying the number of copies, full name and postal address as well as the email address associated to PayPal account. A confirmation email will be sent and then a PayPal invoice.

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