T  H  E     F  I  S  H  I  N  G     C  A  T     P  R  E  S  S

The Fishing Cat Press is a publisher dedicated to haiku.




an international journal to share the spirit of haiku


The objective of seashores is to share haiku from all over the world and explore how the way and the spirit of haiku, with its power to connect us to nature and our world can play a role in poetry and our lives in general.

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18 haiku series

The aim of the eighteen haiku series is to introduce haiku poets

from various horizons, sometimes for the first time in English.

(7 issues to this date)



STONE AFTER STONE, an anthology of haiku by members of Haiku Ireland



Because of A Seagull / A Cause d'une Mouette

A Collection of Haiku by Gilles Fabre

Un recueil de haiku de Gilles Fabre

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