H  A  I  K  U     S  P  I  R  I  T
Pamela Babusci

no attachments
to this world...
falling petal petals



World Haiku Competition
2000 Honorable Mention





changing kimonos
between seasons...
my ordinary life



World Haiku Competition
2002  Honorable Mention





snow-covered village...
i follow a stranger's footprints
over the bridge



Frogpond  25:2   2002





snow falling
on white chrysanthemums
an evening in silence



Frogpond  23:1  2000





Christmas songs
the loneliness



Hummingbird  10:2   Dec.  1999





tea ceremony...
the elongated shadow
of a dwarf daffodil



Frogpond  24:2  2001





so lonely
i stir the windchimes---
evening rain



first pub. in Oneself   chapbook:  Rochester Haiku Poets
then in still (England)

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